We will provide services of the highest standards with high-quality products and advanced technologies.


“The world’s best products made by the world’s best experts!”

Based on the know-how of leading researchers, an advisory panel comprised of university professors and the passion to make the world’s best products,
JION MEDITECH provides customer-oriented services, with high-quality products and advanced technologies.


We make only innovative products that are the best in the world. Just as the innovations of Apple have changed people’s lives, JION MEDITECH makes the best products through innovation and leading technologies that can help you lead a “New Beauty Life.”

Independent development of the world’s first dual depth HIFU technology

With the independent development of world’s first dual depth HIFU technology, JION MEDITECH has launched products that are ahead of the times, ranging from medical devices to devices for professional use and for personal use, based on its No. 1 technological competitiveness in the world. (The dual depth HIFU technology is regarded as far more advanced than the original HIFU technology, as it allows the professional to select the depth of penetration or perform simultaneous procedures, without changing the cartridge, and produces unparalleled effects.)


Here is information on JION MEDITECH’s culture.

Providing the world’s leading products
based on efficiency and creativity

About JOMS (JO Management System)

JION MEDITECH’s management system has been systematically established under the philosophy to provide world-class products through innovative product development centered on research and development (R&D). All of the members of the organization participate in product development and put forth creative ideas for technical development, with the aim of providing better products and ultimately developing innovative technologies that are ahead of the times.

JOMS Characteristics

1. The objective is to gain superior competitiveness with innovative ideas and technologies in the global era.
2. Under the JOMS, instead of applying the conventional management methods, incentives are offered to ideas that are put forward proactively as a means to boost motivation and encourage voluntary use of the mind.
3. A human resource cooperation system is implemented to develop new technologies and set new technological trends along with experts in Korea and abroad in order to secure superior competitiveness.


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JION MEDITECH’s logo was developed with a simple logotype, with JION represented as “知 (knowledge)” and“ON.”



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JION MEDITECH R&D center has been playing a central role in the company’s emergence as a global powerhouse in the medical and esthetic device industry, based on the capacity built over decades in the R&D field.

JION MEDITECH R&D Center is achieving technological evolution through ceaseless R&D efforts to enter innovative high-value-added business areas.
Through the relentless R&D activities and investment into the equipment, the company has acquired a number of patents on its latest technologies, and even developed the world’s first dual HIFU technology, which helped further upgrade the medical and esthetic device technology.
By investing around 40% of the annual sales into the R&D projects, JION MEDITECH is securing Korea’s leading technologies, as part of the efforts to achieve customer satisfaction.
In addition, full-fledged efforts are being made to gain a greater share of the domestic market and advance in the overseas markets, based on the outstanding technology and quality recognized by prominent brands worldwide.


Based on years of experience and technological prowess, JION MEDITECH is consolidating its R&D competitiveness with leading researchers and state-of-the-art development facilities.


Medical equipment


Here is information on the manpower of JION MEDITECH.



Each and every person at the R&D Center is a “creator” who creates something out of nothing. JION MEDITECH R&D Center is striving toward new possibilities by developing technologies and pioneering new markets through the converge of diverse industries and technologies. The technical research staff of the Device Part and Electric and Electronic Part that are in charge of product development and the Software Part, responsible for developmental research, are dedicated to research to create competitive products and technologies for the global market.


The Strategic Planning Division is the sensible “planner” that determines the direction of future development for JION MEDITCH.
The division sets the overall direction of new market discovery and product development.