Here is information on the ethical management policy of JION MEDITECH.



All of the members of JION MEDITECH are striving to play pivotal roles in socioeconomic development by creating value for all stakeholders including customers and co-workers, based on the corporate management philosophy of “transparent and upright practices,” with the ultimate aim of contributing to the happiness of mankind. For this purpose, the Code of Ethics and the practical guidelines have been set forth as the judgment standard for behavior and value in relation to all management activities. At JION MEDITECH, we are complying with the Code of Ethics and the practice guidelines to ensure fairness and transparency at our company.


1. Customers

– We shall practice customer satisfaction management to gain customer trust and ultimately achieve progress with our customers.
– We shall respect the diverse opinions of our customers and reflect them in our management activities with priority.
– We shall make an effort to provide the best products and services that our customers need.
– We shall protect customer assets and information as we protect the assets and information of our company.

2. Organization Members

– All the members of JION MEDITECH shall make their best effort with a sense of responsibility as representatives of the company.
– Members shall strictly comply with the laws and regulations in and outside the company.
– Members shall treat one another with mutual respect and create a working environment that encourages the staff to work voluntarily and with motivation.
– Members shall engage in personal growth and development to further boost their competitiveness and strive to maintain class and honor.

3. Society

– We shall comply with the social norms to gain trust from our society and contribute to society through sociocultural activities.
– As members of the local community, we shall comply with the laws and regulations in our region and respect the local traditions and culture.
– We shall practice eco-friendly management on a day-to-day basis and actively take part in environmental protection activities.
– We shall actively participate in social contribution activities that suit the local characteristics and contribute to social development.
– We shall pursue mutual development with our partners and compete fairly against our competitors.


– A. This Code of Ethics shall come into effect on April 6, 2016.
– B. This Code of Ethics shall apply to the Company and all of the members of the Company. All of the members are obligated to comply with this Code, and any violations thereof shall be subject to disciplinary measures, in accordance with the company policy.