Here is information on the employment opportunities at JION MEDITECH.


1. Submission of application

You can apply online via the job matching sites or by sending us an e-mail. We do not accept job applications via mail.

2. Document screening

Based on the application forms that have been submitted, we will review the applicants’ attributes, competencies, qualifications, etc. and judge whether they match the positions that are available. The depts. concerned and the HR Dept. will also check whether the applicants have the qualities that our company is looking for.

3. Job interview

In order to verify the applicants’ competencies, understanding of the job, suitability as a member of our organization, values, attitude, etc., we carry out job interviews in two phases. They may be one-on-one interviews or interviews with multiple interviews. A job interview typically takes 20~40 min.

4. Announcement of successful candidates

Successful candidates will be hired once the results of their health exams turn out normal. Employees with prior experience will be accepted after the negotiations on the job rank, treatment and conditions, etc.